Konzett Concept Concert: KCC no. 8: Untitled

Concert: Thu, 20 October, 7:30 p.m.

Otto Muehl, Materialaktion no. 19, Bodybuilding, 1965, photos by Marc Adrian, b/w print on baryte paper, 320 x 240 cm © Archives Muehl, Paris, Zürich, Konzett Gallery, Vienna
With Konzett Concert Concept No. 8: Untitled, on October 20th, composer Carlo Gesualdo and Viennese Actionist Otto Muehl are put together, constituting a pairing of two of the most controversial and enigmatic characters in musical and art history. 
Carlo Gesualdo, Principe da Venosa, was a prince “of a highly unseemly character.” Born in Naples in the 16th century to a noble family, he abhorred his title as prince and avoided his duties whenever he could. He found peace and motivation only in hunting, which he practiced with a great passion and ferocity, as well as in music, about which one could say almost the same.
Otto Muehl became famous as the founder figure of the Vienna Actionism. With the performance „Die Blutorgel“ from 1962, he defined his further work, which was to inspire artists from Martin Kippenberger to Elke Krystufek. From 1964 to 1966 he performed numerous „Materialaktionen“, in 1966 he developed a new type of action in close collaboration with Günter Brus, in which the human body itself and his functions were understood as the real artistic material. Already in the 1960ies Muehl turned to alternative forms of life, he practiced free sexuality and founded the first flat-sharing community.

With Gesualdo and Muehl we pair two characters whose extreme lives and their art remain current, retaining their quality and radicalism.

Franz Koglmann (jazz legend, trumpet), Wolfgang Seierl (composer, guitar; painter) and Alexander Kukelka (composer, piano; conductor), will take on the musical excesses in Gesualdo’s works and oeuvre.

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