FESTIVAL AND PRESENTATION, November 16, 2017, at 7pm

Barbara Doser @ New Arrivals / Neuankömmlinge Ausstellung Bildraum Bodensee, photo by Petra Rainer (c) Bildrecht Wien 2016
On the occasion of the patent sale of the “Hofstetter-binding” to the international firm TECA SA, we present Hofstetter Kurt’s Ambient Tactile Art
Philipp Konzett Zur Sache / The Matter of Concern
Barbara Doser On the new art form Ambient Tactile Art
Hofstetter Kurt on Ambient_X – the manifestation of a new way of experiencing art
Celebrate with us on November 16, 2017 at 7 p.m. at Konzett Gallery
Hofstetter Kurt derived a new, aperiodic weave-structure from his work Im Doppel, a sculptural, materialized irrational model in which chaos and order exist at the same time.
This resulted in Ambient Tactile Art by Hofstetter Kurt, which is unconsciously experienced in the weave of everyday life as an irrational structure, a tactile fabric which is consciously remembered on the skin as a new art form.
The Hofstetter-binding is based on this irrational structure, a new weave-binding technique that is used in the production of aperiodic weaves. It is his legacy from a thirty-thousand-year-old weaving culture that recognizes exclusively periodic structures.
The recent sale of the patent for the Hofstetter-binding to the international firm TECAS SA initiates the industrial production and marketing of many hundred-thousand meters of the aperiodic weave, which contains the irrational structure in the weave as the artistic intention behind Hofstetter Kurt’s new Ambient Tactile Art. By implementing the patent protection around the world and through the industrial manufacture, a parallel, large-scale art project in public space will be realized: Ambient Tactile Art makes the material accessible to humanity in an unlimited edition.

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